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McDonald's Employees Caught Skimming Drive-Thru Customers' Credit Cards

The two employees used the information to buy $500 worth of merchandise.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

You may want to consider paying for that Egg McMuffin with cash: Two McDonald's employees are being accused of skimming credit card information from customers at the restaurant's drive-thru. According to ABC 11, Raleigh, N.C. police believe that 41-year-old Constance Alston and 20-year-old Mecca Tomlinson used a device to copy the numbers of credit and debit cards from five victims. The alleged thefts took place last month.

Police say Alston and Tomlinson used the credit card numbers to "buy more than $500 worth of merchandise." The two have been arrested and are being charged with card theft with a scanning device as well as identity theft.

This isn't the first time a McDonald's employee has used a credit card skimming device on customers. Earlier this year, a former employee of a location in Atlanta was arrested after his manager witnessed him using a skimming device. The employee would take a customer's card and run it through the skimmer in his pocket before handing it back to them. A Burger King employee was also caught stealing a customer's credit card information just a few months before, which she used to go on a shopping spree. Unfortunately for her, the customer she stole from was a cop.

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