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Chipotle Now Delivers to College Campuses; Hillary Clinton's Emails About Gefilte Fish

Plus, In-N-Out gets sassy on Twitter.


— Here's some good news for hungry college students: Chipotle, the purveyor of giant burritos, has partnered with mobile ordering service Tapingo to launch delivery on a number of college campuses. The service is currently available on six campuses, but that number will jump to 40 schools around the country in the fall. Non-college students can still get their burrito bowl fix delivered with Postmates

— The latest batch of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's emails that were released by the State Department yesterday includes one that features the subject line "Gefilte fish," with the body of the email asking, "Where are we on this?" No, Clinton isn't super concerned about getting a personal supply of the Passover staple, but instead it is a reference to a "diplomatic conundrum" with Israel involving cases of fish.

— Bocuse d'Or finally understands that gender equality is important. It has yet to comprehend that it finally catching up with the times is not "breaking news."

— The team behind Fed Up, a documentary narrated by Katie Couric that explores childhood obesity, has launched a Kickstarter. The team wants to deliver the movie to every school in America so that "every student can have a quality food education." So far, it has managed to raise $16,982 of its $150,000 goal.

— A former franchisee claims that in 2008 she told the former CEO of Subway that its (now former) spokesperson Jared Fogle had "talked about paying for sex with minors." However, Subway has released a statement saying it has no record of this complaint about Fogle and his behavior. Fogle was arrested last month in relation to child porn charges.

— While Blue Bell is now back on freezer shelves after its massive listeria-induced recall, the company has no plans to return to stores in Kansas. It is the state in which listeria-contaminated ice cream is linked to three deaths. On a more positive note, the ice cream maker's Oklahoma factory re-opened this week, and all employees are expected to return to their jobs in the coming weeks.

— In-N-Out drops some serious geographical knowledge:

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