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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apparently the greasy burgers and carb-packed fries aren't the only things that can kill at you Burger King. One Russian woman found that out when she was knocked out by a giant coffee cup that broke off of the burger chain's building and fell on top of her, according to the Daily Star. The 41-year-old was quickly rushed to the hospital. Details on her injuries weren't made available, but she reportedly survived.

There is an ongoing investigation to discover how the accident occurred and who should be held responsible. A criminal case has been initiated toward the company that installed the large coffee cup on the building's facade.

Restaurant-related injuries are all too common. Last year, a food truck explosion injured 12 in Philadelphia, and a waitress at JJ's Restaurant in Kansas City was killed by a explosion at Time Warner Cable. In 2012, one woman won a $2.5 million settlement after consuming a barbecue pizza that had a piece of chicken bone on it.

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