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Man Robbed of His Subway Sandwich at Gunpoint

The police are still looking for the three suspects.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

The police are hunting for three suspects who robbed a college student at gunpoint Monday and took nothing but his Subway sandwich. According to WTVR, the suspects, who the police believe are teenagers, are shown on a surveillance video hanging out inside of a Subway in Richmond, Va. around 8 p.m. None of the suspects ordered anything, except one who asked for a cup of water.

After another customer — a college student at Virginia Commonwealth University — received his order, the group of teens followed him out of the store. They held him at gunpoint and ran away with his meal. He was not hurt, but left hungry. Christina Moore, a local resident, tells the news station that the crime was "reckless" and she can't believe they went through that much effort "over a sandwich." Even bolder, the teenagers did not seem to care that they were caught on surveillance footage.

This isn't the first time someone has gone to extreme lengths to avoid paying for a Subway sandwich. In February, two thieves robbed a Subway in Omaha with what may have been a fake plastic gun. They ordered just a sandwich and once it was made, they fled from the store with just the sandwich — no cash, no drinks, no cookies. A few months after that, a Florida man tried to rob a different Subway location using his finger as a gun. He was unsuccessful.

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