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McDonald's Is Now Using Real Butter

The chain is weening itself off of liquid margarine.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

McDonald's is making a number of major changes to its menu, the most recent of which would make Paula Deen proud. According to CNBC, the chain is now using real, actual butter to cook breakfast items on the grill and to spread on toasted items like English muffins, biscuits, and bagels. A number of locations across the country have already started using the dairy product and two sources tell CNBC that a full rollout "would occur once locations deplete the supply of liquid margarine."

The news comes just months after McDonald's announced it would no longer use chickens treated with human antibiotics. The chain also decided to stop serving milk that came from cows that had been treated with the artificial growth hormone rBST. The switch to real butter is not a surprise considering that McDonald's is trying to change the perception of its food from unhealthy to appealing. In May, the chain's CEO Steve Easterbrook announced a major restructuring program which focuses less on millennials and more on "the quality of its food." This has resulted in items like an artisan chicken sandwich. However, unfortunately for Easterbrook, not many people believe the sandwich is actually "artisan."

The restaurant's switch to real butter is especially good for breakfast fans, because now all breakfast sandwiches, including the famed Egg McMuffin, will be made with the good stuff. This is especially noteworthy because McDonald's is currently testing an all-day breakfast program and will launch the menu nationwide as early as October.