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Anonymous Customer Drops $585 Megatip for a Burger and Soda

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The bill was $14.50.


A server at the House of JuJu in Clovis, California was treated to some good karma Thursday when an anonymous customer rounded his $14.50 lunch bill up to $600. The Sacramento Bee reports that server Justin Glenn was confused when he saw the total on his customer's signed receipt for a burger and soda. "I just didn't think it was real," he says. "I looked down thinking it was 58 cents, and then it was, ‘OK, maybe it's 58 dollars and ... no, $600 was the total."

A HUGE THANK YOU from Justin Glenn and todays team to the AMAZING MAN who GAVE so much today!! Words can not describe...

Posted by House of JuJu on Thursday, August 6, 2015

According to Glenn, the customer was seated with a group of nine diners in their mid-20s who all requested separate checks. A patron at a nearby table claims to have overheard the man talking about leaving a big tip. The card went through without a hitch and Glenn chose to split the money with eight fellow employees.

Of course, the practice of megatipping isn't new. Comedian Amy Schumer recently left a 1000 percent tip on a $49 bill at Peter's Clam Bar and TipsForJesus has been handing out generous gratuities for years.

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