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A Restaurant That Caters to Dogs Is Very Real, Surprisingly Successful

The Baltimore restaurant offers pups quinoa sushi and 20 kinds of dessert.


Kevyn Matthews quit cooking for demanding humans in New York City, moved to Baltimore, and opened The Dog Chef Cafe for man's best friend one year ago. Yes, Matthews' fido-friendly restaurant has been a successful, viable concept for a full year. There he serves dogs chicken, beef, fish, and lamb-based meals that are made in-house daily alongside 20 varieties of dessert. There's even quinoa sushi for the more refined dog to enjoy perhaps after they attend the no-doubt-soon-to-be-invented doggie version of SoulCycle. Best of all, the entire menu is human-grade too so owners don't have to feel left out. If your dog is too fancy for a cafe, there's a pop-up in London that specializes in 5-course holistic dinners, complete with "poochie chia pud," for canines.