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Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay will be shouting (and swearing) on Fox for another two years. According to Variety, Ramsay has inked a new contract with the network. Ramsay tweeted the news writing, "Will be a busy couple years... Just signed 2 year deal with FOX to do at least 80 more hours of television." Deadline writes that with the downsizing of American Idol, Ramsay "has emerged as Fox's most important reality brand." There are no details available regarding just how much Ramsay will make off of the deal.

The news isn't all that surprising considering that his shows Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef — plus its MasterChef Junior spinoff — "have been successful programs for Fox." MasterChef aired its 100th episode last month, and now it appears as if the show will remain on air for at least two more years. MasterChef recently underwent a major cast change with restaurateur Joe Bastianich leaving the show to focus on other projects —  like his Italian music festival — and pastry chef Christina Tosi filling in the spot.

There's no word on whether or not Ramsay plans to introduce any new shows over the next couple of years. Though considering that he is quite the athlete and Ironman enthusiast, perhaps he will follow in the footsteps of Food Network staple Bobby Flay and launch some sort of fitness-centric series. Regardless of what he does let's hope he manages to avoid almost burning down anymore television sets.

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