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How Caffeine Became One of the Most Popular Drugs in America

The kind Americans consume is mostly synthetic.

Here's a video that explains how caffeine became one of the most popular drugs in America. Turns out most of the caffeine that is in American "sodas and energy drinks are synthetic, meaning that it is not from a natural source." Before WWII broke out, America only used caffeine from natural sources — typically imported powdered tea.

However, during the war supplies started to run low, so everyone's favorite GMO giant Monsanto invented a raw powdered synthetic caffeine. It also happened to be cheaper than the natural version meaning that it could be put in everything. Today, caffeine is a multimillion dollar international industry. The Western world is so addicted to the substance that some people drink 28 cans of Red Bull per day.

The video warns that a "tiny amount" goes a long way (one tablespoon of pure caffeine powder is equal to drinking 192 Coca-Colas) and raises questions about America's relaxed caffeine regulations. Go, watch: