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Arby's Tribute to Jon Stewart; Panda Express Launches Orange Chicken-Slinging Food Truck

Plus, the benefits of eating spicy food.


— Jon Stewart, the comedian who is wrapping up his tenure as host of the Daily Show this week, has a long history of making jokes about Arby's. So, the chain — who once offered Stewart a job when he announced he was leaving the show — made him a hilarious tribute video splicing together every joke and face he has ever made about the restaurant. Arby's sassily notes in the video: "Not sure why, but we'll miss you." Watch the clip below:

— Hip hop artist and noted Chipotle enthusiast Big Sean spread the burrito love earlier this week in New York City. Big Sean stopped into a location of the chain before his performance at Madison Square Garden and decided to buy every guest a burrito or bowl of their choosing. That was mighty big of him.

— A church has figured out a clever way to get donations and it involves a very big burger. The Emanuel Chapel United Methodist in Brownwood is hosting a Christian Soldier Burger Challenge as part of its monthly Hamburger Day. Participants are required to down a burger loaded with two pounds of meat plus cheese and typical toppings that stands as tall as a 12-ounce Coke can. In addition to the burger, participants must also finish a double order of fries. Those who fail to complete the challenge are required to donate $25 to the church.

The Late Late Show host James Corden informed shouty chef Gordon Ramsay Tuesday night that Ramsay "helped set a record for the most censored episode." The episode featured 27 "bleeps," 19 of which came from Ramsay alone. Corden then challenged Ramsay to an English breakfast cook-off where the chef managed to set a pan on fire and add a few more "bleeps" to the show.

— Mall food court favorite Panda Express has taken to the streets. The chain has launched a banded food truck that promises to dish out free "piles of orange chicken." Panda Express plans to do a nationwide tour with the truck starting in Los Angeles on August 22. It will eventually end up in New York City after hitting a number of yet-to-be revealed cities in between.

— That Sriracha addiction may help you live a longer life. A new study conducted in China shows that those who frequently eat spicy foods have a "slightly lower risk of an earlier death." Researchers found that people who ate spicy foods at least three days per week were "14 percent less likely to die" compared to those who ate spicy foods less than once per week. However, the study was purely observational and further research will need to be conducted to confirm the link.

— Never drink and drive-thru: A woman was arrested at a KFC drive-thru in Idaho yesterday afternoon and charged with driving under the influence. The woman "reportedly passed out in a vehicle after placing her order" but feel asleep before she reached the window to pay. At least she didn't run her car through the restaurant.

— GOOP queen Gwyneth Paltrow has joined the GMO-labeling fight. Paltrow and her mom, actress Blythe Danner, headed to Capitol Hill yesterday to talk about their concerns when it comes to food labeling. Paltrow just really wants to know if her vegenaise has GMOs in it, and believes that labels should "clearly inform consumers" about whether the product contains genetically modified organisms. Currently, modified crops do not require any specific labeling.

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