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Farewell, Jon Stewart: The Daily Show's 21 Best Food Moments

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He's done it all, from pizza to politics.

Comedian Jon Stewart ends his 16-year run as host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show today. Stewart changed the game for media and politics, but also had a lot of fun with food while he was tackling the hard stuff. Here now, a look back at the 21 best food and restaurant-related segments from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

1.) That time Stewart suggested America replace every Confederate flag with a barbecue flag. (It's still a great idea.)

2.) That time Pizza Hut created a hot dog-stuffed crust pizza: "Who among us has not finished a pizza and then right afterwards said, 'You know what I could go for right now? 28 mini hot dogs.'"

3.) That time Jon Stewart tackled Indiana-based Memories Pizza, its stand against gay weddings, and the Internet's backlash: "Oh, previously anonymous pizza lady who was interviewed for a local news story... buckle your seatbelt."

4.) That time Arby's offered Jon Stewart a job after he announced he'd be leaving The Daily Show.

5.) That time Jon Stewart called out Sen. Thom Tillis for wanting to reduce government regulation, and being alright with restaurant employees not washing their hands. "Senator! Really?!"

6.) That time Jon Stewart talked to Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz about his education initiative for Starbucks' employees: "You've got some Venti balls my friend."

7.) Remember when the first Freedom of Information Act requests came in, and the media was super interested in what Langley was eating for lunch: "Apparently at the CIA even the sodas go undercover as other sodas."

8.) That time Jon Stewart reviewed the charges of N.Y. politician Michael Grimm, and the setting in which he held his back door dealings was a restaurant called Healthalicious: "So is this what Northeastern corruption has come to?!" Plus, Stewart's "Glutenfellas" is a classic skit.

9.) That time Jon Stewart expressed shock about Subway's use of a chemical found in yoga mats in its bread: "That's why every time I eat at Subway I always end up in the bathroom in Lotus position." It gets worse when Stewart finds out about Kraft foods' use of a mold inhibitor, and a recall of Hot Pockets.

10.) After discussing the height of the Freedom Tower verses the Willis Tower, Stewart gets on a high horse about Chicago-style deep dish pizza: "Deep dish pizza is only not better than New York pizza, it's not pizza."

11.) That time Jon Stewart interviewed David Sedaris, who mentioned an anecdote: "Straight men would not share a dessert."

12.) In which Jon Stewart tackles KFC's horsemeat scandal: "What kind of a world do we live in where we can no longer trust the product purity, the regulatory oversight of Tranvsylvanian meat slaughterhouses?"

13.) Remember when companies started to threaten to downsize if Obama got re-elected? One Applebee's franchise owner even said he'd make some full-time employees part-time if Obama won a second term. Stewart's advice to the Applebee's operator? Cut costs in other ways: "Don't serve your double barrel whiskey fried creamy steak and shrimp chimichanga sliders in troughs."

14.) That time Jon Stewart took on Papa John's Obamacare pizza pricing scheme: "You mean I'm gonna pay an extra 11 to 14 cents so the guy who makes my pizza can get antibiotics to keep him from hacking up lung tissue onto my pizza? Outrageous."

15.) Jon Stewart on Chik-fil-A's CEO Dan Cathy and his anti-gay stance, after Boston rejects the chain: "Open your eyes, owner of Chik-fil-A... You're being such an asshole, not even Boston will tolerate you."

16.) That time Jon Stewart took on the habit of parents in the U.K. who leave their kids in pubs: "Say what you will about the Secret Service messing around with Colombian prostitutes. You know what they never did? Left Malia in an Applebee's."

17.) Jon Stewart on NYC's soda ban:

18.) Jon Stewart hosts First Lady Michelle Obama who reveals the secret to getting kids to eat more vegetables: Pizza.

19.) Remember that amazing time Anthony Bourdain stopped by The Daily Show to promote No Reservations? Stewart: "Your job, is the job people would do if they didn't have to work."

20.) Jon Stewart tackled pink slime in 2012, and there were so, so many good jokes: ""Of course any food can be disgusting if you take its ingredients out of context. Lips and anuses sound gross in our hot dogs, but we love them in our porn."

21.) In which Mario Batali chews Jon Stewart's food for him: