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Meet the Water Brothers: Artisanal Water Is Finally Here


The world already has a water sommelier and artisanal ice. Now, finally, two brothers (jokesters) Terry and Bill Timmy have created the world's first (faux) artisanal water. Watch as they describe what wetness means, and how they use the universal language — "thirst" — to express this new water's texture, taste, and place in our current artisan-obsessed zeitgeist.

NPR interviewed the creator of the satirical short film called simply "The Timmy Brothers - Water Makers," Paul Riccio, who told NPR he was inspired by the show Portlandia and the legions of "earnest spiels so often spouted by Brooklyn food makers." Riccio: "I had just rolled my eyes one too many times watching something about the artisanal food movement, so I decided to make my version of This Is Spinal Tap except instead of heavy metal it was hipsters."