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Drinking 28 Cans of Red Bull a Day Will Make Your Brain Swell

A woman recently found that out thanks to her daily consumption of nearly 3,000 calories from the energy drink.

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Red Bull may claim to give people wings, but it's giving one mother poor vision. According to the Telegraph, 26-year-old Lena Lupari claims she is going blind due to her daily Red Bull habit — although "habit" may be putting it mildly. The Northern Ireland resident was downing 28 cans — or over seven liters — of the energy drink per day. She says she spent nearly $9,000 on the drink each year.

Lupari claims that she was "unaware of the harm she was doing to her body." On average she was ingesting 3,000 calories a day from the drink alone. Lupari collapsed in June, which is when she learned that she had gained so much weight from drinking Red Bull that it lead to a condition called idiopathic intracranial hypertension. The condition causes the brain to swell "because of high pressure in the skull," which can lead to severe headaches and changes in vision.

The Daily Mail notes that doctors have given Lupari — a mother of three — an ultimatum requiring her to lose weight to keep her symptoms at bay. She has completely quit Red Bull since she was hospitalized in June and has lost 28 pounds so far.

A standard can of Red Bull typically contains 80mg of caffeine, and the Mayo Clinic recommends that most adults do not consume more than 400mg, or five cans of Red Bull. It is completely possible to overdose from caffeine, something that concerns the Food and Drug Administration. That is why, last year, the FDA issued a reminder urging people to avoid consuming pure caffeine powders.