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Kellogg's Drops Artificial Ingredients; Pizza Hut and Domino's Join Starbucks' Job Initiative

Plus, Toronto restaurants owe their employees hundreds of thousands in back wages.

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— Stock up on those Froot Loops, kids, because soon they may be made with colors derived from actual plants and could legitimately be called "fruit loops." The horror. Kellogg's is the latest company to announce that it is dropping artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. The company — which will make the switch by 2018 — joins a long list of companies that have dropped such ingredients in recent months, including fellow cereal maker General Mills as well as restaurant chains like SubwayPanera, and Taco Bell.

— Another 12 major U.S. companies have joined Starbucks' initiative to hire 100,000 jobless millennials. Last month, the coffee giant announced that it — along with a dozen other companies such as Walmart — have put together a plan to give jobs and training to youth who face "systemic barriers to such opportunities." The new companies include Domino's, Pizza Hut, Red Robin, Sweetgreen, and Mars.

—The group of Canadian fathers and sons who road tripped 2,000 miles to eat at the original KFC location in Corbin, Ky., were recently rewarded for their dedication to the chain. KFC invited the men to its Louisville headquarters for the company's first-ever consumer behind-the-scenes tour, including a pit stop at the test kitchen. They got to visit the Colonel Sanders museum, dine at the chain's HQ chef's table — who knew KFC had a chef's table? — and taste new products, essentially living out their American dream.

— Senator Marco Rubio, a GOP presidential candidate and marijuana legalization opponent, will host a gathering at a Cleveland, Ohio, restaurant owned by an investor in the state's legalize marijuana effort. Rubio is against recreational pot and is on the fence about medical marijuana. However, a spokesperson for Rubio tells the Washington Post that Rubio was not aware of the restaurant owner's political views before booking the space: "Our supporters in Ohio wanted to see Marco before the debate, and suggested TownHall as a convenient place with good food and drinks." Marijuana supporters and the ice cream mavens behind Ben & Jerry's have thrown their support behind senator Bernie Sanders.

— Canada's Ministry of Labour
has ordered the owners of a number of Toronto-based businesses, including four now-closed restaurants, to pay employees more than $675,000 in back wages owed to them. Back wages are a growing problem in the restaurant industry. The case shows thats 68 immigrant workers at a restaurant chain were denied pay "in a variety of ways." Often times they were paid with checks that bounced, or simply were not paid for months. However, many of these workers, who are often owed $30,000 or more, may never see the money. The owners of the restaurants are filing for bankruptcy after disappearing for months.

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