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Catch Your Fish and Eat It Too at This Sushi Restaurant

The fishing hole/eatery is based in Tokyo, and a New York City location is on its way.

For sushi enthusiasts who don't trust restaurants to provide the freshest fish possible, Zauo in Tokyo is the place to be. This report from CBS News explains that before diners can dig into a meal at Zauo, they need to put in a little work and catch their dinner in one of the restaurant's large tanks. While the idea of a crowd armed with fishing rods and sharp hooks doesn't seem like a good idea in close quarters, the restaurant's management says customers are asked to refrain from waving the rods around, and to gently cast into the tanks. The catch-and-eat concept currently requires a flight to the other side of the world for Americans, but a New York City outpost for Zauo is reportedly in the works.

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