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Checkers Employee Caught Wiping Burger Bun Across Floor

It was allegedly served to a customer.


It appears as if some fast food workers will never stop doing unhygienic things on camera and then posting said photos/videos on the Internet. A video surfaced on YouTube (below) earlier this week that shows an employee at an unknown Checkers location dropping a hamburger bun on the floor on purpose.

The employee proceeds to then wipe the bun across the floor (which appears to have either cleaner or grease on it). The employee then picks the bun up and proceeds to finish making the sandwich as if nothing disturbing just went down. It's not clear if the burger was actually served to a customer, even though the YouTube description notes that it was. A number of people have posted the video to Checkers' Facebook page but the company has yet to respond. Eater has reached out for comment.

Employees committing unhygienic acts and boasting about them on the Internet is a problem that has plagued many fast food chains. In 2013, a picture was posted on Taco Bell's Facebook page showing an employing licking a giant stack of taco shells. In the past, a KFC employee has been fired for licking a tub of mashed potatoes, and Burger King had to get rid of an employee who was photographed standing on two containers of lettuce. One McDonald's employee was even sent to prison for spitting in a cop's food. Now the real question is, is spitting really worse than having your bread wiped across a dirty floor? Is licking better than them all? Take the poll below:

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