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Watch Gordon Ramsay Almost Burn Down 'The Late Late Show' Set

You could call it a real kitchen nightmare.


Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay found himself in the middle of a very real kitchen nightmare Tuesday night on live television. Ramsay and his daughter/television chef Matilda stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden to challenge host and fellow Brit James Corden to an English breakfast cook-off. Ramsay, determined to get his bacon crispy, decided to move the meat from the pan to directly on the burner. However, things started to get very smoky, very fast. The celebrity chef started giggling and swearing as he fanned the smoke. He then decided to put the bacon back into the pan.

However, when he placed the pan down, he managed to start a small fire. More swearing ensued, his daughter Matilda was visibly stressed, and Ramsay put out the flame with a towel to a round of applause from the audience. Corden did not miss an opportunity to poke fun at Ramsay: "‘I've got to be honest, you're clapping but that is not what a real chef would do." So did the bacon turn out to be crispy? Tilly declared that it was burnt, while Corden joked that it was simply "caramelized."

The cook-off continued as if Ramsay didn't almost set the studio on fire. Corden took a "one-pan fry-up" approach, where he just cooked all the components together. Ramsay, who couldn't hide his disdain, had another term for Corden's approach: "That's a one-pan fuck up." Check out the video below:

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