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Restaurateur Learns Kung Fu to Annihilate Robbers After Five Break-Ins

"The police have been so good but they just say they're so restricted."

Carl Court/Getty Images

Being a restaurant owner is tough — even tougher when your restaurant has been broken into five times in the past year. According to the Edinburgh Evening News, Scottish restaurateur Roisin Llorente has had to deal with just that. Last week, her restaurant Bia Bistrot was broken into for the fifth time. The thieves smashed the glass window on the front door but did not manage to take any cash. Now, Llorente is fighting back.

Over the past year, Llorente has had to deal with more than £2,000 ($3,112 USD) worth of damage. To protect herself, the 36-year-old chef says she is now taking kung fu classes. Llorente tells the paper, "It's just sad. Nobody thinks this will happen when you open a restaurant. The police have been so good but they just say they're so restricted — there's not much they can do. I've been through this process so many times and it takes ages."

Knowing martial arts when you own a restaurant can come in handy. In 2013, Chicago restaurateur Jason Chan (Juno) chased and knocked out a man who stole a customer's iPhone at his restaurant. Chan — who is a former bouncer and a practitioner of the Shidokan martial arts — delivered a kick to the face that rendered the thief unconscious.

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