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The Hamburglar's Hipster Makeover Didn't Help McDonald's Sell More Burgers

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"Our sirloin burger didn't meet our expectations."

Courtesy of McDonald's

Who would have ever guessed that the weird dad-bro Hamburglar revamp wouldn't have saved McDonalds? (Everyone.) In May, the struggling chain gave the Hamburglar a "modern" makeover, and outfitted the mischievous burger bandit with high top sneakers and a strange backstory that involves him giving up a life of crime to raise kids in the suburbs. The company timed the makeover with the release of its new sirloin burgers, but according to Bloomberg, even the Hamburglar's hipster burger tie couldn't magically whip up sales.

The sirloin burgers were added to the menu earlier this year and "failed to meet sales goals" even with the big marketing push. Now most restaurants are phasing the item out. Lisa McComb, a spokesperson for McDonald's, notes: "Our sirloin burger didn't meet our expectations ... However, this sandwich represents action steps the U.S. has taken to enhance food-quality perceptions."

Changing the perception of its food is a big focus for McDonald's as of late. CEO Steve Easterbrook announced in May that the chain would start focusing more on the quality of its food and how people view it over catering to millennials, a group the chain clearly does not understand.

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