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NBA Star Dwight Howard's Waffle House Feast Was Reasonable for a 6'11" Basketball Player

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He managed to get through a steak, eggs, toast, grits, and a waffle in one sitting.

When you see a Waffle House.
When you see a Waffle House.
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Basketball star Dwight Howard is the latest celebrity to declare his love for Georgia-based 24-hour breakfast chain Waffle House on social media. The Houston Rockets center stopped by the restaurant Tuesday morning and decided to avoid the savory or sweet breakfast conundrum and just order both. His meal included toast, grits, eggs, a steak, and of course a waffle — which doesn't seem unreasonable for a 6'11" professional athlete — which he Instagrammed with captions singing the praises of the chain.

Waffle House is life.

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