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Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

It appears as if employees of a Taco Bell in Iowa were cooking up something illegal while also churning out chalupas and Cap'n Crunch doughnutsAccording to KCRG, a Taco Bell employee and another man were arrested this morning after a meth lab was found within a Cedar Rapids location of the fast food chain.

Public safety spokesperson Greg Buelow tells the news station that police officers responded to calls about suspicious persons at 4:45 a.m. When the officers entered the restaurant, they found meth lab remnants. UPI notes that police have not clarified whether or not meth was cooked inside the restaurant but police donned hazardous material suits as they investigated the situation.

Fast food restaurants have a long history employees using or dealing drugs. Earlier this year, a Burger King employee was busted for selling meth out of the drive-thru window. Police recovered scales and plastic baggies along with plenty of meth from her car while she was at work. Last year, a McDonald's employee was caught for a similar reason: He was selling heroin at the drive-thru in Happy Meal boxes. Check out the local news story below: