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Whataburger Is the Real Winner in the Feud Between Drake and Meek Mill

Whataburger? More like Whatawinner.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Whataburger, the beloved Texas-based fast food chain, made quite the cameo during Drake's performance last night at the OVO Fest in Toronto. Drake and fellow rapper Meek Mill are in the midst of one of the greatest/lamest rap feuds of all time, and Drake turned his hometown performance into an opportunity to showcase just how much of the internet is on his side, including Whataburger.

Last week the chain tweeted out, "Meek Mill take it from us- if you gonna serve beef serve it high quality." Drake then performed in front of a large image of the tweet and the internet collectively lost its marbles, declaring that there was no way Mill could recover from such a beefy blow. So there you have it, the best way to win a feud is to have Whataburger on your side — perhaps some advice Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift will find handy in the future.

Update, 4:20 p.m.: Whataburger continues to be the best, and we can only hope a Whataburger mixtape will actually come to fruition.