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The Zero-Human-Interaction Restaurant Trend Is Spreading to America

Why talk to another person if you don't have to?

For some folks, the forced human interactions that occur in everyday life can be a nightmare. Whether you're shy, hopelessly aloof, or just annoyed by the idea of exchanging words with another person, San Francisco restaurant Eatsa is here to help. The eatery, with a menu that revolves around healthy quinoa bowls, looks more like an electronics store and completely cuts face-to-face meetings from the dining experience. Orders are taken via iPads, and dishes are placed in cubbies by faceless, behind-the-scenes servers. This video from Tech Crunch details the process.

A restaurant such as Eatsa may seem like a novelty — though it certainly isn't the first of its kind — but human-less eateries might be the wave of the future for America's food industry.