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Amazon Wants to Deliver Produce From the Farmers Market to Your Door

The food will arrive within 36 hours of harvest.

Delivered to your door.
Delivered to your door.

What won't Amazon deliver? If you thought "produce from the farmers market," you're wrong. According to the Los Angeles Times, Amazon is currently testing delivery of farm-fresh greens, wild seafood, ripe melons, and a whole lot of other produce to customers' doorsteps. Best off all, the food will arrive within 36 hours of harvest and there is no need schlep to the farmers market.

Called Farmers Market Direct, the program is currently being tested in Southern California and is in partnership with farmers market delivery company Fresh Nation. Tony Lee, the founder of Fresh Nation, explains to the Los Angeles Times why he started the company: "Farmers markets are only open for a few hours a week, there wasn't enough time for people who want fresh local food to get it." In the trial, customers are able to order either fresh fruit or vegetable baskets, or a mix of both. While Good Eggs, a company that offered a similar services, recently downsized, Lee is not worried because Fresh Nation/Amazon has a different business model.

Amazon has aggressively been expanding its presence in the food delivery sector as of late. The online retail giant recently started testing meal delivery from local restaurants in Seattle. The company is also testing the delivery of booze in under an hour in the city.