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Who Knew Stunt Master Jackie Chan Was Also a Restaurateur?

The actor once owned a chain of sushi restaurants that also served noodles and dim sum.

Kevin Lee/Getty Images

Jackie Chan may be one the world's biggest action stars, but he is also a restaurateur. According to a piece by the New York Post, Chan is quite the entrepreneur when he's not leaping off of tall buildings and doing crazy high kicks. As a way to invest his millions — Chan is worth an estimated $350 million — he entered into the restaurant business — with mixed results.

He launched chain of restaurants called Jackie's Kitchen in the early aughts that had locations in South Korea, Hong Kong, and even one in Hawaii before it shuttered. The restaurant served sushi, noodles, and dim sum. Chan also ventured into the coffee business. He opened a chain of cafes — namely in the Philippines, Singapore, and mainland China — called Jackie Chan's Java Coffee, and several locations appear to still be open.

Chan isn't the first celebrity to enter the restaurant business. In February, rapper Snoop Dogg decided to invest in California-based coffee company Philz Coffee which also counts skater Tony Hawk among its investor. Famed basketball player Michael Jordan has a steakhouse chainlet with locations in New York City and Chicago, and pro-golfer Tiger Woods recently opened a high-end sports bar in Florida to mixed reviews.