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Fan Takes Hockey Star Tyler Seguin's In-N-Out Order Over Twitter

She then delivered the burger directly to the professional athlete.


Want to hang with your favorite professional athlete? Offer to buy them In-N-Out. According to Bleacher Report, that worked especially well for Dallas Stars fan Lindsey Dortch. The hockey fan tweeted at center Tyler Seguin asking him if he wanted an In-N-Out burger before a charity game he was playing in last weekend. And because most sane people do not pass up free In-N-Out burgers, Seguin tweeted back his order (a Double Double with only ketchup).

Dortch followed through on her offer and she was allowed to hand deliver the burger to Seguin who apparently ate it between periods. It's no surprise that Seguin said yes to Dortch's offer: The California-based burger chain is the nation's the most beloved fast food chain according to Nation's Restaurant News' annual Consumer Picks report.