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Chef Jonathan Waxman Actually Loves Paula Deen; Blue Bell Hits Stores Today

Plus, Momofuku partners with Nascar, Michelin announces guide release dates, and more food world news.

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— Who knew New York City-based chef Jonathan Waxman (Jams, Barbuto) was a Paula Deen apologist? At a recent event, he told the New York Daily News: "I love Paula Deen! She's a misunderstood person. She was brought up the way she was brought up, and she just can't edit herself. But she really is a nice and brave person who has been through a lot. People should forgive her now." We're not so sure about that.

— Noma alum Rosio Sanchez is inviting a guest chef into her taqueria: Chef Fabian von Hauske of New York City's Contra restaurant will pop-up at Copenhagen's Hija de Sanchez this month.

— Remember that time Burger King tried to make peace with McDonald's by introducing the concept of the McWhopper, but then McDonald's shut it down? For some reason, Denny's is trying to capitalize on this marketing stunt. In two full-page ads in the New York Times and USA Today Denny's proposes a burger mash up with Burger King. Cue eye roll. The thing is though, the burger — which appears to be a Whopper topped with an egg, bacon, and hash browns — looks pretty good.

— Now that Evernote is shutting down its food app, users should back up their data. CNET (via Evernote) outlines exactly how to do this.

— There's a Momofuku's Nascar camping truck.

The truck, which was driven by Brian Wong, competed in a race yesterday. Though he had a peach on the front of his vehicle, Wong did not place.

— Blue Bell Creameries ice cream is back on store shelves at select locations in Texas today. Homemade Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Cookies N' Cream, and The Great Divide are the flavors set to grace freezer shelves at HEB markets and Walmarts in several cities. According to CBS, HEB will limit Blue Bell purchases to four per customer. Walmart has not set a limit on the number of containers each customer may purchase.

— This year's Michelin guides are coming out quite soon. Here are the release dates for the 2016 guides (via @ElizabethonFood):

• Sept 17: UK
• Sep 30: NYC
• Oct 20: Kyoto
• Oct 21: San Francisco
• Oct 28: Chicago
• Nov 5: Hong Kong
• Nov 12: Germany 
• Nov 16: Belgium/Lux
• Nov 25: Spain/Portugal
• Dec 1: Tokyo
• Dec 7: Netherlands 
• Dec 10: Italy

— Finally, here's badass martial arts fighter Ronda Rousey in her first Carl's Jr.commercial.