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Carl's Jr. Swaps Models for Fighter Ronda Rousey

The MMA fighter will star in the chain's newest commercial.

Courtesy of Carl's Jr.

Burger chain Carl's Jr. is changing up the formula for its so called "slutburger commercials," from racy to badass. Typically the commercials feature scantily clad celebrities — like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton (who are famous for nothing) — suggestively eating its burgers. The chain has received quite a bit of backlash and in March, a survey showed that many Americans find the commercials to be "offensive," as well as "irritating and annoying." However, in a surprising twist, Carl's Jr. newest commercial star is MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, according to a spokesperson. Rousey is known for her no holds barred attitude inside and outside of the cage.

Rousey says her "body isn't designed to please anyone"

Unlike the other Carl's Jr. commercial stars, Rousey has not made her name off of how her body looks. In fact, in response to criticism that her body is too masculine and "huge," Rousey fired back saying that "every muscle has a purpose and that her body isn't designed to please anyone." Rousey has a harder edge to her as well that the other commercial stars do not: Over the weekend, Rousey knocked out a UFC opponent in just 34 seconds.

While Carl's Jr. isn't the first chain to turn to an athlete to serve as its spokesperson, this is perhaps one of Carl's Jr.'s smartest moves. Not only is Rousey a strong and refreshing celebrity choice, her star is on the rise. Just days after she won her fight, Rousey revealed that she is set to star as herself in a film based on her autobiography. The Rousey Carl's Jr. commercial is set to debut in a few weeks. Until then, here is a gif: