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Hillary Clinton's Emails Reveal Her Love for New York State Apples



Hillary Clinton's email scandal — earlier this year news broke that she had used a personal email address to send and receive correspondence while she served as Secretary of State — may still make many people uncomfortable, but sifting through the cache of emails she released to the State Department one important fact has come to the surface: Clinton is a fan of New York State apples.

She wrote in an email to an assistant (subject: "Apples") in reference to a "ny supplier" dated September 20, 2009: "Will we receive them this Fall? How can I buy some for personal use?" And later in the email chain, "Be sure they know we'll be happy to pay for them. State and I."

Just so it's clear: Clinton was prepared to pay for her own apples. There was no funny business in the tree fruit department at the State Department during her tenure.

So far, the emails do not give anything away about Clinton's apparent love for Chipotle. See the full email chain below:

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