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Disrespectful Taco Bell Employee Wrote 'Pig' on Cop's Order

The store manager is very sorry about the incident.


When will restaurant employees learn that the best way to express their opinions about a customer doesn't involve writing their thoughts on receipts or food packagingAccording to KSHB, a Kansas police officer and his fiancé received a rude note on their Taco Bell to-go order Saturday evening. The unnamed officer stopped by a location in Newton and found the word "pig" scrawled in capital letters across his soft taco wrappers. "Pig" is a derogatory term for a police officer. The image went viral after the officer's fiancé posted the image on social media.

The employee who wrote the term has been fired.

The Newton police department where the officer works notes in a Facebook post that it holds "no ill will towards the restaurant," but that it is disappointed: "We understand the incident was the action of an individual, and do not hold ill will to Taco Bell or any of its employees (even the individual who wrote the message)." The department adds that the store manager is "terribly apologetic" about the actions of the employee and that item with the restaurant to "develop a partnership" with Taco Bell to host community events in the future. KAKE notes that the employee who wrote the term has been fired.

The police officer not the first person to receive derogatory comments on their food. In May, two African American men ordered a pie at a Pizza Hut in Arkansas. However, when they lifted the lid of the box they found racial slurs, the letters KKK, and a sketch of a swastika. The employees responsible were quickly terminated. Watch the local news story below:

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