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Watch the Culinary Institute of America on Syfy's Ghost Hunters

Do too many apparitions in the kitchen spoil the broth?

In an interesting twist, the Culinary Institute of America will star in an episode of Ghost Hunters, Syfy's longest running unscripted series. The episode, titled "Too Many Apparitions in the Kitchen," features a hunt for the spirits of Jesuit priests that supposedly roam the area. According to a release, the show focuses on one campus building: Roth Hall, in Hyde Park, N.Y. Between 1912 and 1972, Roth Hall was known as St. Andrew-on-Hudson Jesuit novitiate, and priests lived, worked, and were buried in the area. Legend has it that Father Murphy is the ghost that still haunts the halls. So do the ghost hunters find Murphy or have these divine, food-loving ghosts moved on? Check out a clip from the episode, above.

"Too Many Apparitions in the Kitchen" airs on Wednesday, September 2.