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Amazon's One-Hour Booze Delivery; Chick-fil-A Hands Out 6,500 Free Sandwiches

Plus, a 121-year-old bottle of whiskey.

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—To create buzz for its first NYC location outside of an NYU dining hall, Georgia-based chicken chain Chick-fil-A handed out 6,500 free sandwiches in New York City yesterday. The New York City location is slated to open October 3 and it will be the largest output of the restaurant in the country. A spokesperson for the chain tells BuzzFeed that the chicken chain has a second NYC location in the works and that there is space for 15 to 20 locations across Manhattan alone.

— In addition to testing a restaurant delivery service, Amazon is now in the business of delivering alcohol. Amazon will start delivering wine, beer, and spirits to customers in under an hour through its fast delivery service Amazon Now. Users in Seattle will be the first people to be able to try the service, which lets customers place orders through an app. The booze is then shipped from a smaller warehouse and delivered to a customer's doorstep.

— Organizational app Evernote is shutting down its food app. The company launched Evernote Food in 2011 and it was designed to be a place to keep recipes, lists of restaurants you want to visit, and other "food-related notes." However, all of the tasks "you did in Evernote Food can be done in the main Evernote service." So the company is no longer listing the app in the iOS or Android stores and while existing users will be able to continue to use it, there will be no updates.

— Construction workers in Scotland have unearthed a time capsule containing a 121-year-old bottle of whiskey. The capsule is believed to contain items form the 1890s and it has been donated to the Highland Folk Museum where the bottle will be "preserved and investigated." Another bottle of old booze recently resurfaced in the UK as well. In June, an unopened bottle of beer brewed for an arctic expedition was sold at auction for $5,000.

— Fat Tire Amber Ale will soon be available in Pennsylvania. The beer, brewed by New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colo., is available in 38 other states but has never been sold in Pennsylvania. Starting Monday the beer will be available in stores and at bars. 

— Starbucks, obviously the nation's hotspot for bagels, is currently in the midst of a temporary bagel outage. The chain recalled all of its plain, multigrain, everything, and blueberry bagels over "quality issues." A spokesperson notes that the company is working "closely with its bagel supplier to get bagels back in stores," but there no estimate as to when that will happen. In the meantime, it's probably best to source your bagel from well, a bagel store.