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McDonald's Drops Chicken Supplier Over Animal Torture Footage

Video footage showed farm workers "clubbing" chickens to death.

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McDonald's is taking a page out of Chipotle's playbook and cutting ties with one of its suppliers after evidence surfaced that the vendor was engaging in cruel and inhumane practices. Earlier this year, Chipotle dropped a pork supplier that didn't meet its standards for responsibly raised meat, causing a multi-month shortage of its popular carnitas. According to USA Today, McDonald's is no longer working with T&S Farms in Dukedom, Tenn. — which is a contractor of Tyson Foods — after video footage allegedly showed workers at the poultry farm "clubbing small and sickly birds to death."

The video was secretly recorded by activist group Mercy for Animals and it features a "man and a woman at the farm pummeling the birds using a pole with a large spike attached to it." There is also gruesome footage of workers standing on birds and pulling their bodies to break their necks. A Tyson spokesperson tells the Chicago Tribune that the company has cut ties with the farm: "Based on what we currently know, we are terminating the farmer's contract to grow chickens for us. There are currently no chickens on the farm." The poultry from the farm was used to make McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.

McDonald's has made a number of strides towards using more humane ingredients. Earlier this year the chain announced that it would no longer use chicken and milk that had been treated with human antibiotics. And in 2011, the chain halted its relationship with one of its biggest egg suppliers after it was revealed the farm engaged in acts of animal cruelty.

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