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The Donald Trump Burger Is the Hero America Deserves

Too bad it's only available in London.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

An London burger restaurant is serving a burger inspired by presidential hopeful/red cup designer Donald Trump, but it's not exactly a compliment. According to the Evening Standard, Lucky Chip has created a burger simply called the Donald Trump and it's loaded with references to the real estate mogul's recent missteps.

The burger features an aged beef patty that's cooked to medium "with the team warning that there might be some blood coming out of it," which is a dig at Trump's comments about Fox anchor Megyn Kelly menstruating. It also has American cheese (duh), and a "really, really rich" — something Trump has no doubt called himself before — bourbon and vanilla barbecue sauce. There are also grilled onions "arranged neatly across the top" as a play on Trump's famous/ terrible coif.

The burger comes topped with pickles that "will leave a sour taste in you mouth," like Trump, too. Most importantly, notes the Evening Standard, "There is nothing Mexican in the burger," something that would make Trump happy. The comb-over enthusiast recently made controversial comments about Mexican immigrants and declared that he would no longer eat Oreos if they were manufactured in Mexico.

This isn't the first sandwich inspired by Trump. Earlier this month, a diner in Washington, DC put a Trump sandwich on the menu that is "full of bologna." Other restaurants have taken a stance against Trump in less playful ways: Tony Baloney's, a pizzeria in Atlantic City, has banned Trump from the restaurant and is giving employees of Trump's Taj Mahal casino a discount just because they have to "look at his name everyday."