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Millennials Love Fancy Coffee Beans; Metal Band Anvil Creates Coffee Line

Plus, the bean that results in $11 cups of coffee.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

— Millennials like fancy coffee. Dave Burwick, the CEO of coffee chain Peet's Coffee tells Reuters that millennial-aged consumers are "driving a shift in coffee consumption away from traditional economy brands and towards pricier, higher-quality beans." Burwick says millennials do not seek out the "cheapest cup of coffee," but instead they want the best. Peet's, which prices its drinks even 10 percent higher than Starbucks (which is also considered to be a "premium" brand), saw the highest growth of all large coffee brands over the last financial quarter. What premium coffee drink is especially popular at Peet's? Cold brew coffee.

— Speaking of pricey coffee, would you pay $11 for a cup? That's how much coffee shops that carry Gesha coffee beans, a bean "worshiped for its soft taste and incredibly floral aroma," charge for a single cup. The beans — which are grown Central and South America — cost about $88 per pound.

— The latest musicians to get into the coffee game are Canadian metal legends Anvil. The group has teamed up with Sweden's Rock Coffee to produce two branded coffees — Anvil Ground Coffee and Anvil Espresso Beans. Each bag goes for €13 ($14.60 USD). Rapper Snoop Dogg also entered the coffee world earlier this year, and added his name to Philz Coffee's list of investors.

— The Chinese city of Wuxi was home to a street of knock-offs of popular stores last year. The business all featured placeholder signs of well-known international brands. Perhaps the most ridiculous was the fake Starbucks, which featured a similar logo and colors but was called SFFCCKS.