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Tim Boyle/Getty Images

The Natural Resources Defense Council, which works to "protect the world's natural resources, public health, and the environment," is taking Subway to task. The NRDC wants the sandwich giant to stop using meat that's raised with the use of antibiotics, calling Subway's stance on the matter "suspiciously silent."

"Subway has been suspiciously silent on its antibiotic policies at a time when a flood of other industry leaders are stepping up to address the health threat of antibiotic abuse in meat production," NRDC food policy advocate Lena Brook said in a press release. "If Subway wants to be seen as serving a healthier alternative to fast food, it should assure its customers that it's serving meat from farms where antibiotics are not over-used."

The organization has launched a public campaign and plans to attack Subway with billboards in Milford, Conn., where the chain's headquarters are located. After a previous NRDC campaign, McDonald's, America's most famous fast food chain, cut out chicken and milk treated with antibiotics earlier this year. Kentucky Fried Chicken has also faced pressure to cut its antibiotics habit, but has yet to make a move.