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Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Disgraced former Food Network superstar and infamous butter-lover Paula Deen continues to mount her comebackAccording to E! News, Deen is joining the cast of ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Though neither party has confirmed the news, E! cites multiple sources that claim Deen is confirmed to co-star on the show when it returns for its 21st season on September 14.

Last year, Deen turned down an offer with the show, perhaps feeling it was too soon to have too much fun in public. She told Extra at the time: "They did ask me and I said no. Fat girls don't look good sweating."

Two years ago, the world labeled Deen a racist following a (dismissed) lawsuit that claimed she used the n-word in front of employees and said other disparaging remarks against and in front of black employees. Deen's subsequent fall from grace was swift: Food Network dropped her almost immediately, followed by Sears, Walgreens, Kmart, and many othersHer cookbook was canceled, her shows stopped filming, and a year later, Deen's downfall was complete.

But Deen has embarked upon a comeback plan, and her fans have waited patiently for her to rise again, like some kind of butter-drenched deity. A turn on one of America's favorite competition shows surely fits into the plan, especially as she'll appear alongside Grammy-winning Chaka Khan, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, Triple Crown-winning jockey Victor Espinoza, and other B-list stars.