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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The latest company to enter the restaurant food delivery space? Massive online retailer Amazon. In addition to bringing groceries, booze, and toilet paper right to a customer's door, Amazon is currently testing delivering food from local restaurants in Seattle, where the company is based. According to GeekWireand delivery drivers "with knowledge of the initiative," employees at the company have been ordering meals from participating restaurants, clearly indicating a trial is happening.

Will Amazon pose a threat to services like Seamless?

The program is an extension of Amazon's Prime Now service which promises delivery — currently of certain household goods and groceries — in an hour or less. The Prime Now delivery drivers tell GeekWire that they are the same people currently handling the trial restaurant deliveries. However, notes Business Insider, there are not many details regarding the number of restaurants, which restaurants are participating in the test, or when Amazon will expand the test. A spokesperson for the retail giant declined to give GeekWire a comment on the experiment.

While this is Amazon's first full-blown foray into restaurant delivery, the company launched a food ordering system in Seattle in December. As part of the Amazon Local app, customers can order takeout (for pick-up only) at over 129 restaurants in the city. The ordering process takes place within the app; users can add restaurant food purchases to their online cart as they would other food items not from restaurants.