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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Poke Fun at Starbucks' CEO's Latest Memo to Employees

"You should always be prepared to let rich people scream at you."

The stock market has been down lately, as Jimmy Kimmel joked yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! "The Dow this week has dropped faster than Subway dropped Jared. Apparently, "Bill Gates alone lost $3.2 billion on the stock market yesterday... to put that into perspective, that's like a regular person losing... a dollar in a vending machine — it's really not that much, really."

Earlier this week, the CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz sent a message to employees asking them to be empathetic to customers who may have lost big in the market. Kimmel got ahold of Starbucks' new (fake) training video and it's a doozy. An excerpt: "More than ever we must be sensitive to our customers needs, As a Starbucks barista, your mission remains the same... You should always be prepared to: 1. Serve quality coffee; 2. Provide excellent service; and 3. Let rich people scream at you." Go, watch the full clip above.