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The One Secret That Will Utterly Transform Your Entire Disney Experience

Seriously, this blew our minds

The single best tip for maximizing your Disney World experience isn't about a novelty dish, it doesn't involve restaurant reservations, it's not a hotel rec, and it's not a FastPass+ hack.

It doesn't cost all that much money, and it will save you and your loved ones upwards of an hour a day.


Take cabs everywhere. Put aside $15 - 20 per day per person at the beginning of the trip and just forget about it. Bypass the free Disney-provided buses that shuttle all guests between the parks and all property guests to their hotels, and head straight to the cab line. It's a clutch tip in the middle of the day during off-peak bus times and even more crucial at the end of the evening when the mass exodus reaches football stadium or rock 'n' roll arena levels. It's at that point in the day — when you want to disown your family members and burn your sneakers in a pyre behind the Tree of Life — that the sweet, luxurious, speedy chariot just for you is most welcome and needed.

Photo by Mark Cameron/Flickr

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