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'Bizarre Foods' Returns to Weird You Out

Andrew Zimmern is back.

Via Travel Channel

Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern has been making picky eaters squirm since 2006, and the Travel Channel show is coming back for a ninth season on Monday, September 28, at 9 p.m. ET. Zimmern will head to Guatemala in the season premiere, according to a press release, where celebrity chef Mirciny Moliviatis will lead the way to dishes such as bull testicle ceviche and wild opossum.

"This is easily the best season of Bizarre Foods that we've ever made," the globetrotting, never-say-ew epicurean said in a prepared statement. The run of eight hour-long episodes will include Bizarre Foods' 200th show, a visit to Philadelphia for scrapple cheesesteak, German liverwursts, and Jewish kishke. Other locales planned for Season 9 include Jerusalem, Amsterdam, and Kansas City.

For those who can't stand the thought of watching Zimmern chow down on unfamiliar cuisines and ingredients, fear not: There are plenty of other food shows planned for the small screen this fall.

Update 10/5; 8:45 a.m.: Bizarre Foods now airs on Tuesdays instead of Mondays. Reset those DVRs.

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