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Continuing a trend that's gotten old quickly, another racist message was printed on a diner's restaurant receipt over the weekend. This incident occurred at El Valle Mexican Restaurant in Denver, reports KUSA-TV, where a woman's receipt read "you f—— Mexicans" below her order. Beatriz Castorena told KUSA she complained about the message to a waitress, who was apparently indifferent to the matter: "She grabbed it and she seen it and she was like, 'Oh how funny.' I was like, 'That's not funny. That's not funny at all.'"

Castorena returned to El Valle the next day in search of an explanation. The restaurant's manager reportedly told her a waitress wrote the message, and it was intended to be a joke for the cooks. "In the restaurant, you know, cooks and waiters always give each other smack and talk stuff," manager and co-owner Oscar Rivera told KUSA. Rivera admitted the message left him feeling "a little bit offended as well." Rivera reportedly apologized to Castorena and refunded her meal. See the full news report from KUSA below.

Another recent incident involving an idiot printing something stupid on a restaurant receipt featured the words "fried hard like a black d—" on a receipt in New Jersey. In December 2014, a man found the N-word scribbled on his receipt from a Pennsylvania eatery, and a Virginia restaurant employee was fired for printing "MAKE FOR BLACK PERSON" on a chicken wing order.

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