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Twin Peaks Shootout Lawsuit; Heinz Isn't Ketchup in Israel

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Plus, McDonald's leaks info on Android Pay.


— Remember the Twin Peaks motorcycle gang parking lot shootout? The May incident in Waco, Texas, that resulted in nine deaths and 177 people in jail has spurred another lawsuit: Two customers are suing the Waco location's owners and operators for negligence, claiming that the restaurant knowingly "allowed rival motorcycle gangs to reserve space at the restaurant and served gang members alcohol before the violence." They're seeking damages between $500,000 and $1 million for personal injury, damage to personal property, and emotional trauma. The Waco operators are also the target of a lawsuit from Twin Peaks' parent company.

— Heinz may be the gold standard for ketchup in America, but Israel says it's not ketchup at all: It's "tomato seasoning." The Israeli ministry of health says that "the company can no longer call its tomato product 'ketchup' on Hebrew labels because it does not contain enough tomato paste." (It can, however, still be called ketchup on labels that are in English.) This apparently isn't sitting too well with Heinz, which is petitioning the ministry to lower the required tomato paste percentage so it can retain the ketchup moniker.

— Oops: McDonald's leaked a document revealing that Android Pay — think Apple Pay, but for Android phones — will hit the U.S. on August 26. It's highly possible that said document is old and therefore inaccurate, but nonetheless, sometime in the near future folks will be able to pay for their McNuggets and McFlurries with just a tap of their Android smartphones.

— SoCal-born chain The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is making a major push into China: The first Chinese store will open in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to a press release, and long-term plans will include more than 700 stores across the country. The coffee shop chain already has more than 1,000 stores in 30 countries.

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