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Watch Jacques La Merde's Cheeky Tasting Menu Poke Fun at High-End Dining

The Instagram-famous chef's meal features Velveeta, Klondike Bars, and other low-brow ingredients.

Attention trendsetters: presenting chef Jacques La Merde's first-ever tasting menu. Known for the popular Instagram account featuring hot takes on fine dining using basic ingredients, the chef has now created a timeless menu featuring Hostess Zinger cakes, Spam, and Bumble Bee tuna — it's a meal from which junk food dreams and fast food cravings are made, and you can experience it here in just 60 seconds.

The Menu

Bumble Bee Fugue
Bumble Bee tuna salad compose, Velveeta cheese fondue, pickle enhancement, macedoine of Slim Jims, Wishbone caesar spheres, purple flower heads
Friday Nite Bites
Sysco Foods Imperial battered mozzarella sticks on a sea of obligatory marinara, Utts onion dip rimmer, beef jerky points, pepperoni pizza Combos, Keebler cheese and peanut butter sandwich cracker soil, Kraft 100% parmesan grated cheese snow
Entanglement of Spam
Pave of Spam, steamed crinkle-cut adult carrots, mayonnaise adjustment, cheddar-flavored Cheeze-It Crunch'd, purple lettuce thoughts, canola oil powder, French's Mustard tears, original Bugles, Bud Light Lime-a-Rita foam
Chicks Ahoy
Renegotiated chirping chicken sandiwch from Grand Central Terminal over a puree of Kraft Mac N' Cheeze, enhanced with mustard caviar and Cool Ranch Dorito sand
Interstellar Goldrush
Klondike Bar — cut into the shape of a square and with the chocolate peeled off — impaled with shards of s'mores Pop Tarts and Nutter Butters. Nutella smear, honey Smacks, Reddi-Whip moments
Flaming Zinger
Hand-torched Hostess Zinger cake, chunks of Mounds, Vienna fingers, Captain Crunch exclamations, Fruity Pebble back-ups, Vanilla Snack Pack crema, strawberry-kiwi Snapple Air

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