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Chipotle Plans to Hire 4,000 Workers in Just One Day

The move will expand the chain's workforce by seven percent.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Want to work at Chipotle? Your day of glory may be approaching: The burrito giant is planning to hire a whopping 4,000 workers on September 9, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The planned hires "would expand Chipotle’s 59,000-member workforce by nearly 7%," the WSJ points out: "Some of the new workers will be hired to staff the about 200 new restaurants Chipotle plans to open this year, but the majority will fill openings at existing restaurants." The mass recruitment comes as "a stronger economy, rising demand for restaurant meals and a string of minimum-wage increases imposed by cities and states have shrunk the pool of available workers."

Chipotle isn't the only big chain making a major hiring push: Starbucks recently announced an initiative to hire 100,000 jobless millennials, and Taco Bell attempted to one-up the coffee chain by saying it would hire 1.5 million more young people across the country through 2022. But as far as foodservice gigs go, Chipotle is certainly one of the more desirable chains to work at: Besides offering higher-than-average wages — usually over $10 an hour — the chain recently announced that it would extend full tuition reimbursements, sick pay, and paid vacation days to all of its employees.