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Pop-Tarts Beer Doesn't Require a Toaster to Be Consumed

Pop-Tarts are the latest breakfast food to get the beer treatment.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

It appears that the craft beer world's latest muse is breakfast. According to Fortune, San Francisco's 21st Amendment Brewery is working on a new beer called Toaster Pastry. The India Red Ale is an "homage" to Pop-Tarts, the famed breakfast item.

The brewery recently took over a facility that used to house the Kellogg Co. factory that made frosted flakes and Pop-Tarts. There is little information available about the beer, and it has not been confirmed whether actual Pop-Tarts will be used in the beer. Toaster Pastry will be 7.6 percent alcohol by volume, and the 19.2 ounce cans will be introduce at the brewery's opening party for its new facility.

Pop-Tarts aren't the only source of inspiration for the beer world; breweries are making beers based off of cereals, too. General Mills, the makers of Wheaties, announced earlier this month that it is teaming up with Minneapolis brewery Fulton Brewing to make HefeWheaties. The beer doesn't actually contain any cereal, but it is made with many of the same ingredients. The cereal company also provided Colorado beer makers Fort Collins Brewery boxes of Count Chocula cereal so it could make its seasonal Count Chocula beer.