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Book Deals: Cooking With Astrology, Food52, and More

Plus an art book on food additives.

Food 52

Here are your Wednesday afternoon book deals. Monte Farber and Amy Zerner, who according to Publishers Marketplace are "well-known in the divination field," have teamed up with chef John Okas to write a cookbook. Called Dining by the Stars it explore the "connection between astrology, wild nature and its bounty, and how we as humans relate to and are shaped by those forces in our cooking and eating habits." The book will be published by Harper Elixir and Eater has not been able to divine a publish date yet.

Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs — the founders of community cooking blog Food52 — are writing another three books with Ten Speed Press as part of their Food52 Works imprint. The cookbooks will teach people "how to prepare scalable base recipes over the weekend" that will let them cook "quick, hassle-free" meals during the workweek. The first, main, book will be published in fall 2016, and the other two books, which will be single subject books, will hit shelves in spring 2017.

Commercial photographer Dwight Eschliman and Steve Ettlinger, the author of Twinkie, Deconstructed are publishing a "food science and fine art book" with Regan Arts. A representative for the publisher tells Eater that the book, titled Ingredients, is a "visual exploration of 75 food additives." Each additive has its own page that features its history and use, plus a "stunning photograph." There will also be "deconstructed views of each ingredient in a specific processed food" like Cool Ranch Doritos and Kraft Singles. Ingredients lands on shelves September 29.

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