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Retired General Arrested for Attacking Delivery Driver Over Chinese Food Order

The driver would not accept a check.


The life a food delivery driver can be rough, especially if attacked by a customer who happens to be a retired four-star American army general. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 84-year-old William J. Livsey ordered Chinese food from Royal Chef in Fayetteville, Ga. When the food arrived, Livsey tried to pay the driver with a debit card that was declined. Livsey then offered to pay with a check but the driver told him that the restaurant did not accept checks and that he would have to take the food back if Livsey could not pay. The situation then escalated quickly, possibly out of hanger.

Two others in the house grabbed the food and started eating it during the assault.

The Citizen writes that Livsey got physical with the driver and allegedly placed his hand around the driver's neck and pushed him against the refrigerator. There were apparently two others in the house and they grabbed the food and started eating it during the assault. The driver was released and he reported the incident to the police. Livsey tried to "punch one of the officers and kick another one while making threatening and disparaging remarks" as the police tried to arrest him. His bond was set at $12,000 but he was released on his own recognizance.

Livsey says he is very disappointed in how he was treated: "It's the first time in my life I'm ashamed to be an American... They took me away without my shoes, glasses or medicine." He claims that Royal Chef wanted to drop the incident but the police insisted on making a "spectacle of it and a spectacle of me" anyways.

It's tough out there for delivery drivers who are often targeted by criminals. In January, a ring of teenagers started robbing delivery drivers in Chicago at gun point. Just a month before that, a Papa John's delivery driver in Atlanta walked into what was believed to be a set up for a carjacking an heist. When she arrived at the address given on the order, a man approached her, pulled out a gun, and forced her to the ground. The driver was carrying a gun however, and shot the man in face.

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