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Woman Finds Long Fake Nail Buried in Her Taco Bell Nachos

It was an unwanted extra layer of crunch.

There was a fake nail in these nachos.
There was a fake nail in these nachos.
Taco Bell/Facebook

A Florida woman placed an order for Triple Layer Nachos at a Taco Bell earlier this week, expecting a plate of chips, beans, nacho cheese, and red sauce, except when she received her order, it came with an unwanted fourth layer. According to Fox 13, Tampa Bay resident Kailynn Roland stopped by the drive-thru of a local Taco Bell to get nachos with her boyfriend Joseph Richardson. When she got to the bottom of her order, she found something that grossed her out. Buried in the beans was a "full-length, acrylic French-tip fingernail." Roland says it was so disgusting she "puked."

The couple claims that the employees got their order wrong the first time they placed it, and that the nachos with the fake nail was actually part of the replacement order. When the couple complained to the employees again, the manager allegedly gave them the "wrong number to Taco Bell's corporate office." Roland and her boyfriend told the news station that the corporate office offered them $40 in gift cards but that they refused to accept them. Richardson notes, "Probably [will] never [eat there] again, and if I do eat at a Taco Bell, it will not be at this location."

A spokesperson for the chain tells Fox 13 that the corporate office is investigating the incident and will "retrain staff members" if need be. The spokesperson adds that the couple did actually accept the gifts cards, even though they denied it.

Taco Bell isn't the only chain to have issues with inedible items ending up in its food: Over the past year, a number of customers have found strange items in their orders from McDonald's Japan including a human tooth in a french fry and a piece of plastic in a chocolate sundae. Another customer found a piece of vinyl in their chicken nugget order. And last May, a couple in Iowa claimed that their McDonald's hamburger came topped with weed. Watch the local news story below: