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Dumb McDonald's Thief Returned to Restaurant Days After Breaking In

He had the bravado to inquire about the crime.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

First rule of committing a successful crime is to never return to the scene of said crime. According to NBC, that was one rule a Florida man could not follow. Last week, John A. Gampa broke into a McDonald's location in Cape Coral. The police report notes he pried open the drive-thru window with a screwdriver, climbed inside, and then tried to open the safe in the office. It is unclear if Gampa stole anything.

A few days later, Gampa returned to the McDonald's and brought up "the recent burglary while in conversation" with some of the employees. The staff also noticed that Gampa matched the description of the suspect, so it noted his license plate number and vehicle description and called the cops. Officers arrested Gampa after a "brief pursuit on foot" during which Gampa had to be taken down with a taser gun. He was charged with burglary and resisting an officer.

Gampa's crime is almost as bad as robbing a restaurant where you are a regular customer. In February, 40-year-old Lashan Patrick Jackson held up a Florida Dunkin' Donuts with a pellet gun and then ran out with nearly $3,000 in cash. While Jackson was wearing a mask, employees identified him pretty quickly because he visited the shop at least once a day. Oops.

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